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Study Tour

JLMM organize study tours to Asia-Pacific regions. We encourage you to visit our mission areas to come into contact with people there, which is never possible unless you visit the place.

Since JLMM missionaries are stationed in the mission areas, our study tours include something special; for example, staying overnight in the floating village in Tonle Sap Lake, meeting children in the literacy educational center in Cambodia and home-stay in a village of minor tribe, Lahu in Thailand. These will give you a rich experience to feel different culture by your heart and body. Away from economically rich country Japan, expose yourself to the people with rich heart in comparatively poor countries.

You will certainly find something getting to your heart.
And something inside you must change.

There are two kinds of study tours; one is planned and organized by JLMM and another is arranged according to the request from group of people.
The former are in the spring and the autumn almost every year. As for the latter, we design the exposure tours to Thailand and Cambodia for your study circle, etc.
Please contact us for details.

JLMM Study tour blog


We arrange study tours for your group.

Beside the itinerary of JLMM original study tours, the following can be included according to your requirement:-

  • Visit to a high school in Takev and have a exchange session
  • Students' exchange in Phnom Penh (overnight stay in the studentsユ dormitory, etc)
  • Exchange session and overnight stay at the child-care institution in Battambang
  • Home-stay with Cambodian families
  • Visit to a minor tribe village in Mondulkiri
  • Volunteer for one month
  • Visit to Thailand and/or Vietnam

■"Human's power" and "the world" (Japanese only)
Essay written by Miss Ayaka Miyashita awarded "Yokohama Prize of Encouragement" of JICA International Cooperation Essay Contest for Junior and Junior High school students


Study tour to Thailand

Lahu village in dry season. It may be a little cold but you will get a warm hospitality from Lahu people.
We visit Lahu village and plant fruit trees together with village people. Why not spend your 2008 new year with us in Thailand?

■Schedule of tour: 10 days from 26/12/2007 (Wed) to 4/1/2008 (Fri)
■Travel fees:to be announced soon
■Closing date:Mid. November 2007
■Organized by JLMM
■Travel agent:Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. Yokohama Kyoiku Ryoko Branch (subject to change)
■Note:Accompanied by JLMM staff from Japan. From and returned to Narita Airport.
■Application: Please contact us (Tel. 03-5414-5222)

We arrange study tours for your group.

Beside home-stay with Lahu families and visit to Karen village, we can include:-

  • Visit to Karen refugees to study refugees issue
  • Visit Cambodia

Please contact us for details.


■Having participated in the Thailand/Cambodia study tour (Japanese only)
Written by Ms. Keiko Abe

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