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Application for Missionary
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A message from aFormer Missionary

JLMM send volunteers to Asia and Pacific-region.
The volunteers are called Lay missionary and live together with the local people sharing joys and sorrows through various activities.
Lay missionaries try to practice the words of Jesus Christ through their own lives and activities just like Jesus did.

Please click Overseas for overseas activities.

Foreigners must have a multi-journey visa to Japan and a good command of Japanese language. No special talent is required to work overseas as our missionary.

However, the following traits, faith and mental and physical health are necessary:
- Friendly and enthusiastic to learn the culture and the language of the area where you are sent to.
Able to enjoy living together with local people away from a modern life of Japan
Able to make full use of your talent to work for people

The application starts in August every year.
Applicants take exam (written and interview) and become candidates.
The candidates take training from April to November.
Through the training JLMM sees the adequacy and personality of each candidate and makes decision whether to accept him/her as a missionary or not.
Missionaries are sent overseas, take half a year's language training and work for two years.

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