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Mission to Kingdom of Cambodia(since 1982)

Our mission commenced in April 1992 to support repatriated Cambodian refugees and those were working hard for the reconstruction of the country. In Batdambang State we provide social work in an orphanage and support the female independence by the technical assistance of dressmaking and making handcraft. In Svay Rieng State and Kompong Speu State, we operate an experimental farm and support a kindergarten and community development with a local NGO.
We were registered with the government as an international NGO, JLMM Cambodia on 14th June, 1996.
Since January, 1998 we have been supporting together with Caritas Cambodia to improve the living standard of people who live beside refuse dump in Steuong Meanchey. In December, 2001 we started the operation in the floating village in Kompong Luong, Pursat State in Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang.

I. With people who live near refuse dump

We have been supporting people who sell recyclable items in refuse dump in Steuong Meanchey since 1998.
In Steuong Meanchey, a suburb of Phnum Penh, a lot of families who came from country side to seek jobs but could not find suitable jobs make their living by selling recyclable items in the dump. Their children also have to work from morning till sunset, so they cannot have proper education like children in Japan. Those children who luckily enter schools often drop out from the schools.

1) Children's House

Classes are conducted five times a week, from Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 11:00 in the morning. The children are divided in two classes considering their age and ability. The Khumer dance class was started in 2005. Cambodian teachers teach the classes and we support them.
We provide the opportunity to learn the fundamental skill for social life and intellectual ability to the children who can not attend the elementary school or discontinue the school or can not catch up the class due to poverty or other reason.

a) House for big children

Age: 6 - 12 years old with ability of reading and writing Khumer language and knowledge of numbers 1 to 10
Course: Literacy of Khumer language, simple addition and subtraction, gym, music, manual arts, drawing, coloring, listening to picture book, Khumer dance, health care and morality

b) House for small children

Age: 3 - 6 years old without ability of reading and writing Khumer language
Course: Reading and writing of Khumer language, numerals 1 to 10, gym, music, manual arts, drawing, coloring, listening to picture book, Khumer dance, health care and morality

2) Soy milk program

Living in a place where the nutritious food cannot be taken regularly, children sometimes look younger than their age due to malnutrition. To build a healthy body, we provided a cup of soy milk to each child at the end of the day in the house of children. We also sell soy milk at low price for the children who are too young to come to the house.

3) Medical service and visiting house

All the trash is brought to the refuse dump without separation and there are lots of broken bottles which cause injury and skin disease to people all the time. In the village, rubbish is here and there around the houses and road side.
People have no antiseptic and curative medicine at home. So we show them a simple treatment of wound before getting serious. We gave treatments to children who came to the children house and visited people's houses for treatment.
In dry season, the smoke of burning refuse flows to the village and it causes headache and respiratory disease. We advised how to prevent a cold, introduced hospitals and paid their transport fee to the hospitals.

4) Soap Campaign

We sell soap at low price to 115 poor families twice a month. We also sell anti-louse soap.

5) Women's group

Women always play important role to improve their family life. We formed women' group to improve their life and health. Beside the instruction of health care, we explain the importance of the children's education to them and support the entrance procedure for the primary schools and application for the scholarship of PSE (a French NGO).

6) Bathing program

In the children's house the bathing program take place for the children every Sunday by Sisters from Sisters of Adorers. They show to the children how to wash and clean back of their ears and neck which the children normally do not care. The Sisters apply medicine to the injured part of the children's body and the skin affected by skin disease. They also clean the children's ears and clip their nails. When the children's clothes are dirty, the Sisters provide the place for children to wash them. (Only in dry season)

7) Food vendor program

The refuse dump will be shifted in 2009, and those who make their living by selling recyclable items in the dump will loose their job. Prior to that we are planning "Rent a food vender program" so that they can get new jobs. We are preparing the project to rent food venders to them to sell handmade cookies and snacks to people who are working in the sawing factories nearby.

Work together

The activities in Steuong Meanchey are supported by many people.
a) The students studying hair dressing in a vocational school of Caritas Cambodia come to the children's house and open a free hair salon once a month. (May-October)
b) Volunteer university students from a dormitory run by Father Olivie from Paris Mission hold a Christmas party in the children's house.
c) Charity concert was held by Japan College of Foreign Languages.
d) The Catholic Kikuna Church raises funds.
g) Donation was given by Yokohama Futaba Primary Schoolchildren's house will welcome your visit.

JLMM study tour and other groups from Japan visit the Children's house every year.
Why not visit the Children's house?
Do contact us for the details.

2. With people in the floating village

Current situation of the floating village

The floating village Kompong Luong is located on Tonle Sap Lake at the center of Cambodia. Over 1,600 families in the village live in boats. About 1,000 families out of 1,600 are Vietnamese, and the rest are Khumer and Jiamusi.
The whole population is more than 6,000. People make their living mainly by fishing and many of them are poor. They have various problems with all over their lives. There is no electricity, gas and water supply in the village, and people consume the lake water. As the people drain the domestic wastewater and excretory substance of the domestic animals, the water is polluted considerably and it largely affects their health.
As many Vietnamese do not speak Khmer language, they do not know how to receive public service from the institution. They are left isolated from Cambodian society and cannot receive a medical service, which causes the disease getting more serious and at the worst, death. Some children are not eligible to go to public schools because of the language.
In order to solve these problems, cooperating with Battambang Church, JLMM Cambodia and the residents we set up the floating class in 2001 and have been operating the literacy education and the fundamental health service organized by the residents. Mr. Takahashi is now stationed with the local staff and operating activities.

Activities in the floating village

1) Health care program

  1. Bathing program
    We Continue the bathing program once a week. Healthcare and nutrition education are also provided and monitor the children's health. We clip children's nails, clean their ears and apply the medicine for them. Now the children who bath regularly hardy have rashes and louses. They even purchase and use the anti-rash soap and anti-louse soap which JLMM Cambodia recommends. The residents and mothers also participate and cooperate with us. They pay more attention to their health and hygiene than before.

  2. Support sick people program
    People who live in the floating village do not have cash income except during the fishing season and they cannot afford to go to hospital. We support the transportation fare to hospital for seriously sick people. In mild cases we instruct the nutrition and medical treatment, and provide the health guidance. We also support the meal expenses.
    Most of the patients are typhoid, HIV/AIDS, cirrhoses, cancer, tuberculosis to hospitals.

  3. Home care program
    We visit patients' home and provide simple home care and treatment. Health and nutrition guidance and consultation are also provided to the patients and their family.

2) Mother and child Health care program

People in the floating village believe in powder milk. To convince them that the breast milk is the best for babies, we visit after childbirth mothers and give consultation and advice about their health. Powder milk is provided only when the mother is sick.

3) Literacy education program

We operate literacy education collaborating with Battambang Diocese. Cambodian teachers teach the classes. We had training for the teachers and entirely renewed the curriculum. Sentiment education was added so that the children can enjoy learning.
Vietnamese children can go to Cambodian public school, but the education is in Khumer. So the children study Khumer reading and writing in the literacy education center before entering the school, so that they can catch up the school class. However, the school is also in the floating village and many children left school before completion because they did not have boat. In 2005 supported by "Japan Catholic Association for Aid to Overseas Missionaries" we bought a commuter boat, and in 2006 by Catholic Yuigahama Church we bought another one. Now the children continue the school.

Work together

Catholic Fujisawa Church of Yokohama Diocese established "Cambodia Welfare Foundation Fujisawa" in 2002. A part of the fund is used for the Kompong Luong activities.
Battambang Church requested the financial support for the renovation of the floating church and the literacy education center, and we received the fund support from our supporters in Japan.
In addition, Catholic Tokorozawa Church in Tokyo Archdiocese has supported our activities for three years and Japan Catholic Association for Aid to Overseas Missionaries bought a water-purifying device for us. The device operation is supported by Imai Foundation.

 1991〜 coordinator(1)
 1992〜 designer(1), coordinator(1)
 1994〜 coordinator(2), teacher(1)
 1996〜 kindergarten teacher(1)
 1998〜 coordinator(1), instructor of health education (1)
 1999〜2000 music teacher(1)
 2000 coordinator(1)
 2001 nurse(1)
 2002 community worker(1)
 2003 physical therapist(1)
 2004-2008 coordinator(1)
 2005 coordinator(1)

kindergarten thacher(1)

 2008- nurse(1), community worker(1)

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