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Mission to East Timor(since 1999)

We started the mission by sending a pharmacist and a nurse to the local NGO "Alliance of Friends for Medical care in East Timor (AFMET)" which operates the primary healthcare education in Lospalos in Lautem.
East Timor became independent from Indonesia in direct ballot on 30th August, 1999. However, the opposition group to the independence started destruction and violence and 80% of the buildings in East Timor were destroyed. They looted and killed about 1,500 people.

Promotion of primary healthcare (PHC)

AFMET promote PHC. PHC is the program to promote the self-support of the residents to live healthy lives by dealing with their health and illness by themselves in the regions especially in the Third-World where the residents cannot expect medical examination and treatment.
AFMET first consult with leaders of communities and call for volunteers. The volunteers are housewives, fishers and farmers, and they are trained for Community Health Worker (CHW) for one year.
Those who have completed the training conduct seminars about health for the residents in their own village. They teach how to prevent malaria and dengue fever and some knowledge that is useful in their daily lives such as medicinal fruits and herbs.

AFMET has been cooperating with SISCa (Servisu Integradu Saude Communitaria) operated by East Timor government since 2009 and supporting monthly medical check-up post SISCa operated by the government health volunteer (PSF).

We also innovate the system called CLTS which raises the residents’ awareness and work to popularize toilets. Each resident is aware of the importance of toilet and cooperates with each other to build a toilet at home.

Cooperative Groups (CG) were set up and we support the soap production and herb cultivation.


(5 missionaries from 1998 to date)
1998-2000 nurse(1)
1999-2002 pharmacist(1)
2001-2003 nurse(1)
2003-2005 coordinator(1)
2005-2011 coordinator(1)
2008- nurse(1)
2010- coordinator(1)

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